Concert and dinner for the opening night of our Elephant in the Room Festival

Our Elephant in the Room event is now on!
A lively weekend of music, theatre, food, talks & workshops...
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Good hospice care has got to be 'whole person' care. When someone gets sick, it's not just a physical problem – your emotional, financial, practical, social and spiritual life gets turned upside down too. We're here to help both the patient, their family, and loved ones deal with each of these issues, one at a time. Find out how we can help


Our hospice is a care project run by the monks and nuns of Skanda Vale multi-faith Monastery, but you don't have to be religious to use our services – we're here for everyone. We are a voluntary led hospice, with lots of life enhancing opportunities available for people with all kinds of skills and interests. Find out more about volunteering

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