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About us

We are an independent hospice founded in 1993 by monks and nuns from Skanda Vale multi-faith monastery. One unique feature of our hospice is that we have very few paid staff – our team is made up, almost entirely, of highly skilled volunteers.

Our volunteer team contribute an average 3181 hours each month
Our paid staff contribute an average 210 hours each month

For me it’s about coming back to the true philosophy of why hospices were set up in the beginning. It’s about treating people and their families as a whole, and taking care of not only their physical, but their social, emotional and spiritual needs as well.

Cath Thompson, Clinical Lead

Our mission is to provide an inspirational standard of palliative care that enables our patients, their loved ones and our wider community to encounter the essence of life more vividly, through a deeper acceptance of our shared mortality.

A short history

Guru Sri Subramanium – founder of Skanda Vale Hospice

Guru Sri Subramanium

In 1987 Skanda Vale’s founder, Guru Sri Subramanium, had a serious heart attack. As he was recovering in hospital, he became acutely aware of the loneliness and fear of some of his fellow patients.

There was an elderly man in the last few days of his life in the bed next to Guru, with no friends or family to comfort him. The hospital staff attended to his medical needs, but the pressure of time meant they couldn’t give him the companionship, reassurance and love that he really needed. He died alone, on a busy ward.

Guru was profoundly affected by his death; he couldn’t bear the thought that anyone could die in such a pitiful state. This single event was the inspiration to start Skanda Vale Hospice.

Meet the team!

Brother Jakob

Hospice Manager

Kiera Jones

Deputy Clinical Lead

Ruth Davies

Registered Nurse

Jane Coles

Registered Nurse, Clinical Volunteer Coordinator

Aquila Muir

Carer & Volunteer Coordinator

Sister Gemma

Carer, Arts & Crafts Coordinator

Sister Carol

Carer, Therapist & Shop Coordinator

Sister Ally

Carer & Fundraising Coordinator

Sister Luciana

Carer, Patient Transport & Housekeeping Coordinator

People tell us, you know, all sorts of nonsense, that we’re angels – which we’re not at all. But people are overwhelmed by the love that somehow just flows so easily here. Patients have said; ‘There’s something here, I don’t know what it is, but there’s something… you can feel it!

Nicki Gilbert, Clinical Volunteer

Join us!

We go to great lengths to make sure our volunteers feel valued and listened to, offering appropriate guidance, support and training. We’ll cover your expenses, local travel costs and can help with child care. For certain roles we can also arrange accredited training.

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