Check out the latest photos from our new hospice project – our builders are steaming ahead!

Lots of natural light, fresh air and closeness to nature will help make the new hospice a peaceful, uplifting place to be. Soon we’ll knock out the front wall that overlooks the garden, dramatically opening this side of the hospice up to the elements, with new full-length windows on both floors. The new windows will give patients access to the ground floor terrace, and the first floor balconies – even if they can’t get out of bed.

Our new hospice will offer brand new inpatient respite and end of life care services that are not available anywhere in our region. We believe that an efficiently designed and beautiful hospice care environment can make a huge difference, not just to the patient, but also to their family and carers, helping them cope and adapt to the challenges of life with cancer, or other life threatening illnesses.

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