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We've been building a brand new six bedroom inpatient hospice unit, to care for families affected by cancer and other serious illnesses. This new service is available free of charge, and is particularly helpful to families in the three counties of Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire. We opened to our first overnight respite patients in March 2016. Here's the story of this epic development...

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  • A wide angle shot of our garden in development
    May 19, 2016

    Garden landscaping

    May 2016: Sorting out the garden...

    The new hospice has been designed to work in harmony with the garden; the bedrooms have large windows and a huge communal balcony with views over the garden, and the hills beyond. One whole wall of our lounge is all glass, with large patio doors opening onto the sun terrace. So the garden is an integral part of the overall design. We're excited to begin landscaping, and see what a fantastic space we have to work with.

    Creating a secluded quiet garden, near the sacred space.
    A large oval lawn will be the centrepiece of the new hospice garden.
    We saved all the plants from the old garden, by relocating them to a safe zone while the builders were on site. They look good in their new home.

    Jill, our garden designer, walks along where a new garden pathway to the main entrance will be.
    Cedar cladding on the family accommodation unit in the hospice garden.
    The new garden will be created entirely by volunteers. Come and get involved!

    This curvy ramp makes it easy for patients to access the garden, whether on foot, in a wheelchair, or even in a hospice bed.

    Volunteer in the garden >
  • Beautiful oak framed tree paintings by artist Nigel Wood.
    February 9, 2016

    Donated art

    February 2016: The finishing touches...

    Nigel Wood printed and framed these beautiful works for the walls of the new hospice. Featuring work by Naomi Tydeman, Phil Rycroft, Jenny Jones, Olivier Barjolle, Oliver Raymond Barker, Seren Stacey and Andreas Cramer.

    Our heartfelt thanks to Nigel for all his hard work – days and days getting everything ready in time. Also huge thanks to the all the artists whose donations have helped make this hospice even more special. Thank you!

    Framed pictures of Shivling mountain, near the source of the river Ganges, in the sacred space at Skanda Vale Hospice
    Three framed pictures of deep blue waves breaking, on the wall at Skanda Vale Hospice
    A beautiful framed print of bluebell glades, by Naomi Tydeman, at Skanda Vale Hospice inpatient unit

    A beautiful domestic scene painted by Jenny Jones at Skanda Vale Hospice
    Valli the Skanda Vale Temple elephant photographed by Olivier Barjolle - hanging on the wall at our hospice
    A framed picture of a Devonshire rural scene by Phil Rycroft, hanging on the wall at Skanda Vale Hospice

    A vivid painting of a yellow field with deep blue sky by Nigel Wood, at Skanda Vale Hospice
  • Our construction team and contractors pose with a glass of champagne at the completion of our hospice building project
    February 8, 2016

    Thank you!

    January 2016: A glass of bubbly and a huge thank you to our builders and contractors who have now successfully wrapped up this marathon hospice build.

    Special thanks to Anthony our site manager from WB Griffiths, Steve the plumber from GGT and Steve the electrician from Bullock Brothers. Their teams have been working long hours in most unpleasant weather conditions to help get the hospice ready for our first session next month. Nice work boys!

  • Swansea based stained glass artist Catrin Jones made a pair of beautiful peacock windows for the new hospice.
    January 29, 2016

    Tree of life with peacocks

    January 2016: Three more stained glass windows arrive

    Following our tree of life theme, Catrin Jones has created these three internal windows for the consultation room and stairwell, bring a burst of colour into what might otherwise be quite plain and functional spaces.

    A beautiful peacock - making a connection to all of the birds and animals we have over at Skanda Vale Ashram
    This tree of life window is one of the first things our guests see when they enter the hospice.
  • January 14, 2016

    Sun room

    January 2016: Sunlight streams into the day centre.

    We have an enormous new curvy sun room, with full length windows overlooking the garden. Below you can see how the sun room connects to the garden via a terrace and curvy ramp. Patients in the first floor bedrooms can also connect to the great outdoors from the communal balcony.

    The view of the hospice from the garden.
    Patients can go out onto the balcony, even in their beds. It could be quite social up here!
  • January 14, 2016

    Light through the windows

    January 2016: Stained glass windows are installed.

    Two of glass artist Catrin Jones' creations were bathed in bright sunlight today. First time in months we've had some sun! The colours are amazing against the walls of the sacred space and entrance area.

    Amazing colour reflections bathe the wall of the entrance to the sacred space.
    Reflected light in the entrance area. The big round window opposite will also feature a beautiful tree of life stained glass creation. It is in production – coming soon!
  • Stained glass artist Catrin Jones with two pieces of glass at Skanda Vale Hospice
    December 7, 2015

    Stained glass

    December 2015: The first of many stained glass windows arrive.

    Stained glass artist Catrin Jones has been burning the midnight oil getting these stunning glass ready for our big opening. The blue glass is for the front door and the reddish glass is for corridor leading to the sacred space. We're over the moon! There's lots more on the way : )

    The local Welsh landscape was the inspiration for these abstract pieces. Catrin spent time at Skanda Vale, sketching and capturing colours from the ashram.
    Catrin used traditional mouth blown glass from France. She then used chemicals to reveal different colour layers in the glass.
  • November 11, 2015

    Oak doors & feature walls

    November 2015: You like the colour combos?

    Getting a hospice team to agree on a colour scheme wasn't super easy, but we got there in the end! Our main concern was to make sure the hospice didn't feel like a hospice – we wanted it to feel homely – the kind of place you would want to stay.

    Subtle lighting on dimmer switches creates a soft, relaxing ambience. The wide doorways make moving equipment easier and create a feeling of spaciousness.
    One of the hospice bedrooms – the discreetly inset ceiling hoist can be moved to anywhere in the room to aid patient mobility and care.
  • November 11, 2015

    The curvy conservatory

    November 2015: Builders fit triple-glazed windows in the conservatory.

    The decision to 'go curvy' came a bit late in the day, and meant we had to make a revised planning application. But it was definitely worth all the extra paperwork; the curvy design gives us much more space, and makes the hospice look softer and less austere.

    Fitting the new triple glazed window units in the curvy conservatory.
  • Bright airy corridor at the building site of our new hospice
    October 15, 2015

    The decorators move in...

    October 2015:

    The four bedrooms overlooking the garden are almost done! Our decorators are doing their thing, and doors and floors go in very soon. The architects have done a grand job, making the most of our south facing aspect.

    One of the hospice bedrooms - beds can be wheeled out the patio doors onto the balcony to view the garden.
    An ensuite bathroom adjoining the bedroom.


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