Here comes the sun


A song for our wonderful patients – performed by nurses, gardeners, cooks, carers and companions, Hope it brings a bit of sunshine into your day!

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Rhys’ story


Rhys is 18, and recently stayed with us for respite. In this video, Rhys compares the kebab shops of Llandysul with those of his hometown Swansea, and shares his thoughts on staying on top of a supremely challenging life-limiting illness through humour and positive thinking. This is one inspirational young man...

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How respite helps Stan as a family carer


Stan shares his moving story: "The only time I can switch off is when Alyson is here. I don’t have to worry about her. I know she’s happy and contented. That means a lot to me. It’s given me peace. Somewhere to relax, knowing that’s there’s another purpose in life."

How respite helps Stan as a family carer2019-04-13T12:02:30+00:00

Hospice volunteering – the power of compassion


"Patient-centred care is about being the patient, yourself. It’s about identifying yourself with that patient. So it’s about having that incredible sensitivity. That is what transforms people. That’s what a patient says is a tangible experience of love when they come through the door of the hospice. That’s half the battle done."

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Volunteer Story: Dr Damitha Ratnasinghe


Find out what motivates Dr Damitha Ratnasinghe, consultant paediatrician, to volunteer his spare time caring for patients at Skanda Vale Hospice.

Volunteer Story: Dr Damitha Ratnasinghe2019-04-13T11:40:40+00:00

When Chris met Valli


Chris Thomas recently joined us for respite at the hospice. Here's what he had to say about the food, the carers... and the elephant.

When Chris met Valli2018-10-29T13:27:08+00:00

Patient story – Brandon Utley


"I have tried to explain to so many people what this feeling is like here. And I can’t. There isn’t words to describe it." – Brandon Utley

Patient story – Brandon Utley2021-04-29T08:46:14+00:00
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