In-patient respite care


A chance for you and your carers to have a break, and get a review of your care needs, in a homely, comfortable place.

In-patient respite care2023-01-18T16:42:02+00:00

Spiritual care


Whatever your belief or outlook, we can help you find peace, and gain acceptance of whatever life is throwing at you.

Spiritual care2019-03-07T14:27:26+00:00

Holistic therapy


We offer a wonderful selection of holistic therapies, designed to help you relax, rejuvenate and let go of emotional and physical stress.

Holistic therapy2023-01-17T16:05:36+00:00

Assisted bathing


A serious illness can sometimes make bathing at home difficult. We have a special bathtub and lift to help you have a good scrub, in complete safety and comfort.

Assisted bathing2019-03-22T13:21:27+00:00

Family accommodation


We will provide comfortable, free accommodation so that our patient’s family members can stay at the hospice overnight.

Family accommodation2019-02-08T16:01:27+00:00

Arts & crafts


Our arts and crafts workshop can be a great way to help express your feelings, or just enjoy creating something in good company.

Arts & crafts2023-01-17T16:05:09+00:00

End of life care


Our end of life care service provides support to live well and die with dignity, and help for your family and carers.

End of life care2020-11-29T14:53:13+00:00
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