How are we funded?


We are an independent charity with no government grant, funded through donations and fundraising events. So far we have raised over £1.75 million (including a grant of £500k from the Big Lottery Fund) towards our [...]

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Senior staff salaries & running costs


Most of our senior staff, including our financial director and hospice manager work full time as volunteers. Our palliative care nurses are paid a fair living wage. We believe that having a happy, motivated team is [...]

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Sustainability & the environment


We live in a beautiful part of the world and none of us want the hospice to leave a dirty footprint on it! Here are some of the measures we are taking to save money [...]

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Fundraising expenditure


We do not use professional paid fundraisers – all our fundraising is done by experienced volunteers. Our successful £500k Big Lottery grant application was also written entirely by volunteers. We feel this approach works best [...]

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100% debt free


We live well within our means – neither Skanda Vale monastery, nor the hospice have ever been in debt or borrowed money. We own the freehold on all our properties and have no mortgages. Our [...]

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Financial controls


Our accounts are independently audited and submitted to the Charity Commission on an annual basis. We have a 100% record for on-time submissions. We operate a strict internal financial control policy, which also forms part [...]

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Religion, equality & diversity


Skanda Vale Hospice is a secular project. We are not on a mission to convert people – we accept everyone as they are, without judgement or prejudice. Our service shows no preference or tailoring, even [...]

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Our organisational structure


Skanda Vale Hospice is a secular project run by the Skanda Vale multi-faith monastic order. We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation registered with the Charity Commission, number 1166180. The charity is administered by a board [...]

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