Have fun, meet new people and get a warm glow from helping us care for families affected by life threatening illnesses – join us for one of these great annual hospice fundraisers, or why not run your own event?

We don’t use paid fundraisers. With the exception of our small team of nurses, all of our team – including our senior management, are full-time professional volunteers. This means we can invest more in caring for families.

A family running to the sea on a sandy beach in Wales


Bank Holiday Monday 7th May & 28th May – Choose from family-friendly walks along the stunning Pembrokeshire Coastal Footpath, or a more challenging trek to the summit of Cadair Idris in Snowdonia.
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10k Runners in London


Sunday July 15th 2018 – A fun run around central London to help raise money for our new inpatient hospice unit.
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Two people on the world's fastest zip wire


Saturday 1st September 2018 – Fly like Eddie the Eagle on ‘Zip World Velocity’ – the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe!
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Knitted elephant pattern


Do you love knitting? Fancy a new project? Try your hand at knitting one of these cute little wooly elephants.
See the pattern >

Onion bhajis for Diwali


Watch our hilarious recipe video and make scrumptious onion bhajis for friends & colleagues.
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Fancy running your own event? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

At work

  • On your bike
    Get fit, do your bit for the environment AND help people with terminal illnesses... all in one fell swoop. Ask your colleagues to join you as you ditch your car for a week and donate your petrol money to the hospice. Then bask in your own wonderfulness!
  • Smile squad
    Organise an office entertainment squad to boost morale doing fun things to raise money for the hospice. Hire a chocolate fountain! Have an easter egg hunt! Hold a darts / skittles competition! Most employers are very happy to match whatever total you raise from your fundraising events.
  • Packed lunch day
    Encourage your fellow workers to nominate one day a week when they bring their own packed lunch to work. The money they save on buying lunch in a café can then go into the hospice pot.
  • VIP parking
    Convince your employer to raffle a premium car parking space outside your place of work. The highest bidder gets to park their car in the VIP sweet spot for a month, or even a year.
  • Capture / release
    'Kidnap' your co-workers, hide them somewhere safe (where there's lots of tea and biscuits), then charge your bosses a ransom to get them back to work. (Please don't try this one if you work in an A&E unit, a fire station, or a nuclear power plant!)
  • Tug of war
    Flex those pecs and settle those scores: admin vs. sales, tshirts vs. suits, north vs. south etc – a great fun, easy to organise fundraiser.
  • Dress down Friday
    Everyone donates for the privilege of coming to work dressed in their own casual clothes. Or come dressed in the worst possible taste. Kipper ties and platforms anyone?
  • A day off work
    Ask your HR department if they would be prepared to raffle one day's paid annual leave. While you're at it, you could auction a job swap – people could bid on the chance to sit on the big boss throne for a day.

At home

  • Come dine with me
    Recreate your own version of the TV show. A group of friends take it in turns to host an evening of fancy home dining, then vote on the hostess with the mostess. Everyone pays a small donation fee to join in, and a small prize goes to the winner. You could even invite guest speakers to enhance the occasion.
  • Bake-a-cake
    Pretty simple this one; get a group of friends or colleagues to bake their most fantastical cakes, then sell them off for donations. Offer a special selection of teas or coffees to complement your cakes and you'll be quids in. You could even include copies of the recipe with each cake.
  • Bollywood night
    Put on a Bollywood musical extravaganza! Or a play, a pantomime, a comedy night, a live concert... whatever you fancy. Sell tickets and themed refreshments. Fabulous darling!
  • Book sale
    We've all got books we no longer read. Why not raise a few pounds for the hospice whilst clearing out some space round the house?
  • Services auction
    Encourage your friends to donate their services at a fundraising auction. You don't have to have a special skill to take part; anyone can offer babysitting, lawnmowing, cooking, car washing, belly dancing etc.
  • Karaoke night
    £1 donation per song! Run it as a competition, or just a fun night out. This often works best if there are a few drinks available to help release the X Factor.
  • Cheese & wine
    Take all the labels off the wine bottles and get your friends to try and identify the grape (and vintage). You could get a connoisseur to point out the characteristics of each wine. Works very nicely with cheese of course.
  • Pamper party
    Face packs, pedicures, back rubs and foot spas... host an evening of hardcore feminine indulgence (with lots of chocolate, champagne and movies too).

True grit

  • Facebook dares
    Not for the faint of heart! Announce to the world that you are now accepting dares to raise money for the hospice. Get your Facebook friends to vote on which dare you take on. Everyone who votes has to give you some pretty substantial sponsorship, of course!
  • Swim the channel (almost)
    Find out the distance from Dover to Calais, then swim it in the hygienic comfort of your local pool! Or, run the length of Hadrian's wall on a treadmill at your gym. You wouldn't even have to do it all in one go, unless you were really keen.
  • Cold turkey
    Give up smoking, drinking, swearing, talking, shaving, using your mobile phone... whatever vice you hold dearest to your heart, why not drop it for a month? The greater the addiction the more sponsorship you'll get!
  • Close shave
    Shave your beard, moustache, head, or nether regions to amuse your friends, and inspire them to donate! It's as old as the hills, but works everytime.
  • Wax on, wax off
    Go the whole hog! Why not complement your new bald head or chin with a silky smooth pair of legs? Video the waxing ceremony for even more fun (and sponsors).
  • Speed dating
    Girls and boys live such hectic lives these days. Cut to the chase and find your sweetheart in minutes. Would-be Romeos and Juliets pay a small donation fee to join the fun.
  • Firewalking
    You may be surprised to learn that with only an hour of training you could be walking 10 metres on red hot coals – no blisters, no burns – just a big smile and a huge amount of sponsorship!
  • Bigger, better
    In 2005, Canadian blogger Kyle Macdonald started out with a red paperclip and traded it for a pen; twelve trades later he had a house! What could you get to auction for the hospice?

With kids

  • Smartie tubes
    Did you know you can fit 27x £1 coins in a Smartie tube? You do now! Give friends and family a tube each, then challenge them to fill it, in a month, for the hospice. Sweet!
  • Talk like a pirate day
    On September 19th, have your friends pay a small fee to go to school dressed as pirates. Organise pirate games for the lunchbreak - ask teachers to walk the plank, or take the plunge in a dunk tank. Have a sea shanty singing competition, hold a pirate treasure hunt and sell ship's biscuits!
  • Bag it up
    Get a small team of friends together and bag up groceries at your local supermarket in exchange for customers donations. Wear a special Skanda Vale Hospice tshirt and hand out flyers at the store entrance to really get noticed. You could even offer to push people's trolleys to the car.
  • How many?
    We're all familiar with the old "how many sweets are in the jar" fundraiser. For a twist you could ask how many creme eggs are in the goldfish bowl. Or dress up as bananas and see how many of you can fit in a Mini... There's plenty of scope to get creative with this one.
  • Britain's got talent
    It's true! Everyone has a hidden talent - all you have to do is provide a platform to show it off. Sell tickets to your event, or ask contenders to pay to play. Get a Simon Cowell panto dame judge to amp up the theatrics.
  • Pupils vs. teachers
    Put on a cricket match, football game, quiz night, race night, fashion show... anything goes! Get sponsored for your efforts, run a sweepstake or donate to take part.
  • Bonfire night
    How about a £1 donation for the guy? £2 for a hot dog, or £15 for a firework!
  • Danceathon
    Any style goes - garba, line, barn, salsa or urban freestyle! Sell tickets to shake your thing for the hospice.
How to make the most out of your fundraising event:
Fundraise online
If you haven’t tried yet, then you definitely should! It’s a super efficient, secure and trusted website that takes all the leg work out of fundraising. It’s extremely easy to use; just follow the simple instructions and in 60 seconds you’ll have your own fundraising page. You can then email your page link to anyone you can think of, anywhere in the world. JustGiving also reclaims Giftaid automatically on our behalf, saving us hours and hours of admin work… it’s the future! Go to Justgiving
Make your donation worth 25% more
Giftaid is a government initiative designed to give charities a big financial boost. In simple terms, we get 25 pence on top of every £1 you raise, at no extra cost to you or your sponsor. All your sponsor has to do is put a tick in the box on your sponsor or Justgiving page, confirming that they are a UK taxpayer and that they have paid enough tax to cover 25% of the value of the donation. They then write their name, home address and postcode, and the taxman does the rest. It's as simple as that. Find out more about Giftaid
Ask people to sponsor you by text message
Did you know people can now donate to the hospice by text message? You’ll attract more donations for your fundraising event as people can sponsor you anytime, anywhere. It’s quick, easy, free, and we receive 100% of the donation. If you’re hosting a formal dinner or wedding reception, why not make your text code a table feature? You could put your text code on flyers at a live gig, decorate bunting and balloons at your local fete, or put your text code on a t-shirt whilst abseiling / making cakes / holding a raffle!Find out more at
Get a fundraising boost from your employer
Most employers will be happy to help you raise money for Skanda Vale Hospice, with an informal arrangement known as 'matched giving'. It's very simple – tell your employer that you want to do a fundraising event for the hospice and ask them if they will match whatever you raise. For example, you raise £250 doing a sponsored walk, and your company donate £250 to match it = total £500. Companies do not have to pay corporation tax on their donations. Matched giving can provide businesses with good PR, whilst creating a positive buzz in the workplace. Everyone wins!

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team!