From tiny seeds….

  • Packets of seed in a wooden bowl sold to raise fund for Skanda Vale Hospice

One hospice-supporter’s slow-drip fund-raising idea.

The Hospice itself was just the germ of an idea once, planted in one person’s head. It took hold, grew and now flourishes in a way that is awe-inspiring and of a value beyond price, and it still has its full-blown maturity to look forward to.

These seeds are collected from my garden, once they form from the spent flowers. With just a little, easily-found information from the internet and some very low tech packaging and marketing, coupled with the fact that I live beside an urban footpath, their sales have raised £50 in the last four months. I have as much again in stock ready to put out for sale once the fine weather returns in the spring.

Imagine though, if two or three more people were inspired and in a position to easily and pleasurably do this, as I am. Or five others. Or ten, or twenty, each of whom in turn inspired one other person etc etc.

Next year I plan to offer some surplus salad leaves in the same low tech, drip-feed way. Also bunches of sweet peas, maybe a punnet of strawberries, left on a table, as the seeds are, outside my front door on a sure-fired sunny day.

It could equally be bric-a-brac, if that was what I happened to have. I, however, have seeds, one or two of which are quite rare and special, such as the white poppy seeds given to me as plants by my even-more-green-fingered sister.

Neighbours have begun to offer me access to their seeds too. The seeds’ beauty lies both in their wonderful, abundant potential, but also in the fact that, for a gardener, they are a free commodity and would be wasted, rotting on the compost heap, if not collected.

Hospice garden flowers
Hospice garden butterfly

All this little enterprise asks of me is my time. And as I enjoy gathering and handling the raw materials and deepening my knowledge and appreciation of the plants, I happen to experience the whole process as a relaxing pleasure.

It also feeds my connection to the energy of the hospice and all the people, past and present, who I have had the privilege of encountering there. My experience of the hospice ethos is in valuing all that is offered, however small.

We do not always appreciate the potency of a tiny act, and its effects. Seeds are a living symbol of the realisation of the potential of tiny things and tiny acts and tiny quantities.

Please get in touch if you’d like to support the hospice

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