Check out our awesome, authentic onion bhaji recipe – presented by the lovely Jagroop, Lataji and Big Rich. We hope this video might inspire you to make onion bhajis to help raise funds for Skanda Vale Hospice.

  • Take a few boxes of bhajis (or any other snack) to work, school or anywhere else.
  • Serve them with a nice range of pickles or sauces.
  • All the family can join in the fun, selling bhajis for 50p or £1.
How your bhajis can help the hospice!

100% of the money you raise will help us develop new hospice services, so we can care for families affected by cancer and other serious illnesses.

Get a fundraising boost from your employer

Most employers will be happy to help you raise money for the Hospice. It’s very simple – tell your employer that you want to make scrumptious snacks to help raise money for the hospice, then ask them if they will match whatever you raise. For example, you raise £50 selling bhajis and pickles, and your company donate £50 to match it = total £100. Companies do not have to pay corporation tax on their donations. Everyone’s happy : )

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