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Our physiotherapy service will launch towards the end of 2016, when our new inpatient service is fully established.

What is physiotherapy for palliative care?

Physiotherapy can help palliative care patients to build up physical strength and general confidence, particularly as patients make the move from hospital to home. Our physiotherapy team will be able to help you adapt to your changing condition by setting realistic goals and breaking problems down into manageable sized chunks.

How can physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy exercises can be a particularly effective way to help to reduce cancer related fatigue, whilst training in relaxation and breathing techniques can help to manage pain and breathlessness. We will be able to help you develop a positive approach to living with an illness and the effects of treatment, increasing your sense of well being, independence and quality of life.

Our physiotherapy team

Our physiotherapy service will be delivered by fully trained General Therapists, supervised by a qualified physiotherapist from the Hywel Dda University Health Board. This is a new scheme introduced by the NHS to help broaden the scope of physiotherapy, by delegating simpler tasks to trained General Therapists. Our team will be very happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have at your assessment.

  • “I really cannot express enough how the support is helping. If it was not for this hospice, I would not only be left feeling alone, but also sad and isolated, which anyone who has been or is suffering from cancer will understand.”
    Winnie – respite day care patient
  • “What you achieve; the professionalism of your approach, the loving care given and the benefits enjoyed by those for whom you provide care, is exceptional. I feel it is also of immense help to the carers, within families of patients, who need some respite from the exhaustion of looking after a terminally ill family member.”
    Margaret Hall – carer of respite patient

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