We offer arts and crafts workshops at our hospice respite day care centre. Many of our patients find that arts and crafts is a fantastic way to take their mind off things and enjoy some good creative company.

Why do arts and crafts in a hospice?

The hospice is a place where people can come to unwind, socialise, enjoy a meal and get some fresh perspective. Everybody is different – whilst some people benefit from discussing the details of their illness and their situation, others find these kind of talking therapies more challenging. Arts and crafts can be a good way to express your feelings, without having to find the right words.

You don’t have to be an artist

We all have a creative side, though many of us have not had the time to explore it in our daily lives. Often when people are told they have a life limiting illness, they feel motivated to try the things they’d always wanted to do. Arts and crafts can be a good way to get this ball rolling.

You can make whatever you like. No-one will be judging your creations – whatever you make is a worthwhile expression of how you feel. Sometimes images, colours and textures can remind us of other places and times, and so can offer fresh insights and perspectives on our emotions, ideas and memories.

What arts and crafts can I do at the hospice?

We love making cards! We have a great range of stickers, stamps and embossing equipment, plus loads of beautiful paper and card. If you want to try knitting, painting, drawing or collage we will do our best to arrange the materials and create the opportunity for you.

“Whenever I have referred any of my patients to the team at Skanda Vale for psycho-social and complementary therapy treatments, I have always felt it to be professional and caring. I have also visited on a number of occasions and found people welcoming and professional. I have no hesitation in suggesting patients and their families contact Skanda Vale for the individualised care and the haven they offer.”
Gudrun Jones – Art psychotherapist

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