For patients who cannot, or prefer not to be cared for at home, we are working toward offering a new end of life care service in the not too distant future.

What is end of life care?

Our end of life care service provides support for those who are approaching death. Our aim is to support you to live well and die with dignity, whilst providing care and help to your family and carers.

Our new end of life care service will include:
  • Expert 24/7 palliative nursing care
  • Access to advanced pain relief and symptom control
  • Fully holistic care offering physical, practical, social, emotional and spiritual support
  • Holistic therapies to aid relaxation and relieve pain
  • Access to spiritual care and a multi-faith sacred space
  • Bright airy rooms with access to outdoor space, views and extensive gardens
  • Family accommodation unit – your family can stay with you, but benefit from their own living space

Our facilities…

“I would be very happy to see your services extended to incorporate residential services. I think that this would offer so much more to people living locally than the local authority and privately run care homes. Institutions are rarely able to meet the needs of individuals, and I believe that the end of life care that Skanda Vale has already provided has promoted dignity and self-esteem in its users.”
Jane Belli – Respite day care user

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