Respite day care

Is respite day care for me?

Our respite day care service in South Wales helps meet the palliative care needs of people with illnesses such as cancer, breathing difficulties, MS, heart failure and stroke. In fact, anyone suffering from chronic pain or a life-limiting illness is very welcome to visit us for the day and use our services, completely free of charge.

The benefits of respite care for patients

Respite can help boost your general sense of wellbeing. It’s a good way to help you and your family adapt to the changes and challenges that may be happening in your life.

We currently run two day care sessions each week on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 10am to 3pm. Most patients attend one session each week, and can come for as many weeks as they wish. Please ask us if you’d like to attend more than one session a week.

The relaxed and sociable atmosphere of the respite day care centre helps people from many different backgrounds to relax and enjoy themselves. At home, patients often feel obliged to put on a brave face, to minimise the emotional affect their illness has on the family.

The day care centre offers a space where you can just relax and be yourself. You may or may not want to talk about your situation. No problem. We put you and your needs first, so we won’t make you fit in with ‘our way’ of doing things.

Inside our hospice day centre

The benefits of respite day care for carers

Caring for someone with cancer or a serious illness can be very challenging – physically, practically, emotionally and for some, spiritually. Our respite service offers carers a chance to have a break; do the shopping, go for a swim, see friends and family… whatever you need to do, our respite day care service will give you precious time to yourself. You can recharge your batteries, safe in the knowledge that your loved one is in expert, caring hands.

You are of course more than welcome to join in with activities and meals at the respite day care centre. It’s very important to us that carers feel fully included, informed and in control.

“As his only carer, I was able to enjoy the luxury of a few hours away to recharge my own batteries, knowing that he was in a safe and caring environment.” Susan Maxwell – family carer

Our respite day care services:

The day care centre offers a space where you can share experiences, have fun and find mutual support. Here’s a quick round up of what we offer:

  • A large, homely lounge, dining area and conservatory.
  • A delicious home cooked meal, made to suit any specific dietary requirements.
  • Art and craft workshops.
  • A hydraulic bath and chair lift for assisted bathing.
  • Reflexology, aromatherapy and massage therapies.
  • Private rooms for resting.
  • Counselling service.
  • Beautiful gardens, with countryside views beyond.

Making a referral

  • We offer day care to anyone over the age of 18 who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.
  • We accept people from all over the UK – there are no geographical restrictions.
  • Anyone can make a referral – patient, family carer or healthcare professional.
  • All of our services are offered completely free of charge.

Respite day care can make a really big difference to your quality of life and feeling of independence. You can use our services at any point in your illness, but you’ll derive more benefit if you get in touch during the early stages – ideally straight after a diagnosis has been made. Don’t leave it until the last minute!

“Not only was he well cared for, but for me knowing that he was in safe hands, I could relax from attending to him and tackle some of the tasks at home that fell behind.” Naomi Bagel – family carer

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