A life-limiting diagnosis will often inspire us to confront and resolve unfinished issues from our past, particularly with our family and friends. A sense of our mortality may make us question our identity, ideas and beliefs. We can support you through this with dignity.

Skanda Vale Hospice was founded by the multi-faith Skanda Vale Community. A large part of our team is made up of monks and nuns, who volunteer at the hospice.

  • We respect you for who you are. Whether you have a faith or not makes not the slightest difference.
  • We have nothing to do with evangelism and will protect our guests from any individual with an unwanted agenda.
  • We are always happy to arrange a leader from your own faith to visit you at the hospice.

Our sacred space

Our sacred space is open 24 hours a day for quiet reflection and prayer. It is a consecrated, non-denominational sanctuary overlooking the garden – set apart from the hubbub of the day centre and kitchen. You are welcome to join us for mindfulness meditation and sound therapy sessions during day hospice.

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