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Volunteer & paid vacancies

As far as we know, we are the first and only hospice in the UK to be run by volunteers. What makes us unique is that the vast majority of our team, including senior management and care staff, are volunteers. Everyone is here for the love of the work.

If you would just like to help and don’t have a particular role in mind, please follow this link:

Make a general volunteering enquiry

Management volunteers

Head of Operations

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Skillfully managing our resources and working processes will have a direct effect on the well-being of the patients and families we serve.

Catering volunteers

Care delivery volunteers

Companion Lead

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The Companion Lead will coordinate our companion service for our patients, their family and friends.

Healthcare support worker

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If you are a 'people person' the HCSW is a role in which your warmth and sensitivity can make a real difference.


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A special opportunity to practice truly person-centred nursing.


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Our volunteer companions offer a listening service, offering a friendly ear to our patients, their family and friends.

Patient Assessor

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The Patient Assessor is responsible for helping people to access our range of hospice services.

Domestic volunteers

Housekeeping lead

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Help maintain not only the cleanliness and safety of our wonderful hospice but the welcoming, cared-for feeling that benefits everyone here.


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Help ensure a beautiful standard of hygiene and cleanliness throughout our patient care areas, public spaces and offices.

Retail & fundraising volunteers

Administration volunteers


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Join our team as a Volunteer Administrator and help keep the wheels of our Hospice running smoothly.


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