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Volunteer role description

  • Responsible to: Head of Care Delivery
  • Base: Skanda Vale Hospice
  • When: We anticipate this role will require two days per week with a 50/50split between on-site and remote working. In addition, we ask that you commit 18 hours in your first month to training. This will reduce to approximately six hours per month in your second and third month – thereafter a maximum of one to two hours a month. 
What will the role involve day-to-day?
  • The Companion Lead will coordinate the delivery of the companion service for patients and their families and friends (F&F), whether face-to-face or by telephone or online.
  • They will work closely with the Lead Nurse and Head of Care Delivery to deliver a professional listening service to patients and F&F following an assessment and as part of an agreed care plan. 
  • They will develop, manage and support the volunteer companions providing the service to patients and F&F and be part of a multidisciplinary team at the hospice reviewing patients supported by the companion service. 
  • They are responsible for monitoring performance against set Key Performance Indicators and producing reports for the Head of Care Delivery and the Board of Trustees on a quarterly basis.
  • They are responsible for ensuring the service is delivered in accordance with the Companion Policy and Procedures and compliance with all other SVH Policies and Procedures.
  • They will be part of the recruitment and support for volunteers of the companion service. 
  • They are responsible for the development and provision of ongoing training for the companions in conjunction with the Lead Nurse.
Key tasks & responsibilities
  • Overall leadership of the Companion Service, reporting to the Head of Care Delivery.
  • Recruitment of volunteer companions, working in partnership with the People Team and Registered Manager to ensure the hospice has the capacity and capability to deliver a robust companion service.
  • Adherence to Skanda Vale Hospice (SVH) Policies and Procedures and ensuring the companion team also adheres to these standards. 
  • Facilitate ongoing support for companions as stated in SVH SupportPolicy and Procedure ensuring companions feel supported and empowered. 
  • Represent the feedback from companions at patient reviews as part of the Multidisciplinary Team. 
  • Facilitate monthly team meetings for the companion service. 
  • Responsible for facilitating the collection and reporting of patient F&F feedback on the effectiveness of the service.
  • Directly liaise with patients and F&F to enable effective matching of companions, respond directly to any concerns from companions, patients and F&F and regularly review the support given by contacting patients F&F and requesting feedback.
  • Take part in the manager on-call rota.
  • Development and review of policies and procedures with the Head of Care Delivery and Registered Manager to manage effective, efficient and safe service delivery.
  • Analysis of performance against Key Performance Indicators, reporting to the Operational Delivery Team and the Board of Trustees and recommending and implementing necessary actions to improve performance.

Personal qualities & skills

We are looking for the following knowledge, skills and abilities.

  • Motivating, empowering and developing people – Essential.
  • Working with vulnerable people – Essential. 
  • Working with volunteers – Desirable. 
  • Delivering professional listening services – Desirable.
  • Managing a busy service with limited supervision – Desirable. 
  • Working in a clinical setting – Desirable. 
  • A clear understanding of the importance of delivering robust services to meet the requirements of a registered provider – Essential.
  • A good understanding and ability to demonstrate active listening skills, managing professional boundaries, managing confidential data and the importance of reporting – Essential. 
  • IT skills – Essential.
  • An understanding of risk assessment – Desirable. 
  • A good understanding of Wales Health and Care Standards (2015) – Desirable.
Skills & Abilities:
  • The ability to remain calm under pressure, make decisions and take action where necessary to reduce risk and/or maintain service delivery –Essential.
  • The ability to work independently whilst recognising that they are part of a wider team – Essential.
  • A strong and effective communicator both in written and oral form –Essential.
  • Proven skills in effectively leading a team – Essential. 
  • A compassionate and empathic attitude to leading and providing services to vulnerable people – Essential.
  • Conflict resolution skills – Desirable. 
  • The ability to communicate in Welsh – Desirable. 

This Role Description is not exhaustive. It is an outline of the key expectations and will be reviewed periodically with amendments made following consultation with the role holder(s).

Confidentiality – Please be aware of the confidential nature of our organization. Information about patients and their carers, friends and relatives must not be disclosed to any unauthorised persons. This essential duty of confidentiality also extends to the use of social media.

Apply now

Before you start, make sure you have the names, numbers and email addresses of two referees (non-family members) who you’ve known for two or more years.