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What will this role involve day-to-day?

We know that loneliness and isolation are significant issues for many of our patients, so our companions are there to offer valuable support to them and their carers in a number of ways. That can be face-to-face during Day Hospice and Respite, or by regular phone support (or if patients prefer) email or video meetings.

They provide a befriending service, giving our patients and carers time to talk about how they are doing, to share any concerns and just to chat about life in general. The individuals they support will each have been assessed by our nursing team and have an agreed care plan in place.

Working with the Companion Lead, our companions report back to them with a quick and easy online form after their chats with patients. That ensures we keep informed of what is happening with individuals, and that our nursing team can address any concerns companions have about their wellbeing.

Our companions offer a friendly ear, a compassionate and confidential space for people to talk, but they are not counsellors or therapists and are not expected to act as such. All our companions work within clear professional boundaries to ensure the protection of everyone.

All our companions will be volunteering their skills as individuals as well as part of a team and they will receive regular support and supervision from the Companion Lead.

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How to apply

Please fill in the application form below and if you have any questions please email:

What happens next?

We will be in touch within a few days. We’ll ask for two character references from colleagues or professionals and if you will be working directly with patients, run a DBS check for you. If you are registered with the DBS update service we can check your details online and begin your induction training. Then you’ll be ready to roll!

Apply for this role

  • The volunteer role

  • Please tell us about your skills, knowledge and relevant experience.
  • What attracts you to volunteering at Skanda Vale Hospice?
  • Please tell us if you can speak or write in Welsh or any other language.
  • How much time do you feel you MIGHT be able to offer to the role?
  • What time of day usually works best for you? (Please tick as many as you wish)

  • Your references

    Please give details below of two individuals who you are happy for us to approach for a reference. Your referees must have known you for at least two years and cannot be related to you.
  • Please tell us how this person knows you, ie: line manager, colleague, minister etc.
  • Please tell us how this person knows you, ie: line manager, colleague, minister etc.

  • Health & personal issues

  • Health and personal issues do not disqualify people from volunteering with us, but we need to understand to be able to accommodate your needs safely wherever we can. Please tell us if you have any medical or personal conditions and requirements that may affect your activities as a volunteer.
  • Your data
    The information you provide on this form will be used for the purposes of assessing your application and will be handled in line with our Data Protection & Privacy Policy.
  • I declare that the information on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I am aware that the information I have given will be treated confidentially and consent to it being used and stored as stated above. This is not a legally binding contract.